Clear Pathways is an analytical tool which allows organisations to map, monitor and manage their communities of interest and practice. The results are displayed in an intuitive dashboard, helping to inform management decision-making and scenario building.

Clear Pathways uses the information gathered by Clear Knowhow to depict current networks of knowledge within the organisation.  It can be used to answer important questions such as who is central to a network? (it’s not always the obvious person) Who are the gatekeepers and brokers? If this person left, what would be the risk? If we merged two divisions, where would the duplications and synergies be? Other uses include, measuring email volumes and distribution along with identifying trending key words and phrases.

Clear Pathways allows you to create virtual cross-departmental teams of experts to work on specific projects or challenges.  It also allows you to identify significant gaps in expertise, and develop recruitment and training strategies to fill them.

At a glance

Find isolated employees

Identify knowledge shortages and concentrations

Prepare effectively for role changes

Are teams working effectively

Is work being duplicated

Are key people missing from a team

Connect across sites, countries and regions

Create virtual development teams

Identify trending knowledge and questions

Link related topics, people and teams

Who are the gatekeepers

Who are the internal and external brokers

What is the impact if that person leaves

Can greater synergies be created