FirstClass is the UK’s leading legacy management software. Originally designed by a group of six charities, FirstClass has been continually developed and improved with over 80 charities using it today.

FirstClass manages the intricacies of the legacy process and has been designed to be a professional, affordable and cost effective tool for charities seeking to maximise their income stream from legacies.

With both in-house and online versions, it is used by most of the top 50 UK legacy brands and by many smaller charities too. FirstClass has been developed using the latest Microsoft technologies and includes a host of powerful features.

FirstClass is used to keep track of all charitable legacies due and received, providing instant access to pipeline information whenever it’s needed. A complete contact history is maintained for each legacy, which is automatically updated each time a new communication is sent or received.
FirstClass includes a series of standard letter templates, which can be tailored to suit any circumstances. It also produces an extensive set of financial and management reports and feeds directly into the Legacy Monitor benchmarking service. FirstClass is compatible with many leading CRM database systems.

FirstClass is available in three versions; In-house, Cloud and Essentials. In-house is installed on one of your charity’s database servers while the others are accessed online via any suitable PC.

FirstClass offers you seamless integration with your charity’s CRM system. With two integration levels available, FirstClass can provide a linked solution to match your charity’s requirements.

At a glance

Up to 30 built in browser allowing users to interrogate data

Many built in reports

Info Headers to quickly draw your attention to important information

Timeline – tabular representation of the progress of the administration of an estate

Multiple addresses

Aliases to record other names that the person may also be known as

Important dates such as Last Will Date, Codicil Date, Probate Date, Date Received etc

Multiple legacy elements associated with each legator

User definable legacy types

Legacy status of open, closed or dormant

History of estimated values and expected income

Quick open

Recently used

Setting default categories in browsers and reports

Adding favourites to the Home screen

Reviews Dashboard to show position of all reviews

Relationship with Legator

Lay and professional contacts with case

Relationship with Legator

New manual notifications

Creating letters

Sending emails

Electronic notifications

Split income and expenditure between legacies

Built-in report to provide data for the HMRC website

Including details of shares, properties and gifts

Asset Mix

Estate Accounts

IHT Calculator