FirstClass Web is a new addition to the FirstClass family which brings together a core set of features in a user-friendly interface, accessible anywhere via a web browser. Designed for charities who receive a smaller number of legacies and are looking to manage those legacies efficiently and realise the greatest income for their cause.

We know that no matter the size, every charity needs effective legacy management. Running reports and reviewing data through a spreadsheet can be problematic and we don’t believe smaller charities should have to deal with this. That is why, using our many years of experience developing legacy management software, we have developed an application that allows smaller charities, on a limited budget, access to the features they need to manage their legacies.

FirstClass Web uses the same database as our other FirstClass products, so upgrading is straight forward to do – as your charity legacy income increases, FirstClass can grow with you.

FirstClass Web is accessed through an online platform, with no software to install. You can add and manage legacies with ease. Alongside the standard legacy information, FirstClass Web allows you to record legacy income, estimates, reviews, contacts and a complete contact history. This data can then be used to generate comprehensive reports in no time at all.

  • Built specifically with small charities in mind
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Built in dashboard of legacy performance
  • Web browser based to minimise IT costs and support
  • Low cost annual subscription
  • Free support

Our aim is to make professional legacy management accessible for all, and with our existing FirstClass applications, FirstClass Web helps us to achieve that.

Not sure if FirstClass Web is for you?
If you would like to try FirstClass Web, we are happy to offer you a no obligation 30-day trial, completely free of charge. Please ask us for further details.

At a glance

Easily add a new legacy including address details, key dates and probate details.

Record an estimate against each legacy to show how much income your charity is expecting to receive.  You can also record the date you are hoping to receive this income.

Add a review against each legacy. You can then use the Manage Reviews browser to see at a glance the position of all the reviews.

Record the income received. Record multiple income receipts against each legacy. The Manage Income browser lets you easily see what income your charity has received over a given period

Store information about a person, organisation or employee that you are liaising with regarding a legacy, e.g. executor, lay-executor, people at other charities, family members, etc. Use the Contact Wizard to easily add a new contact.

You can manually create contact history records to record all communication associated with a legacy. You can record phone calls made and received as well as letters and email.

Enables you to search and view the legacies, income and reviews that you have recorded in FirstClass Web. The information shown in the browsers can also easily be exported to a CSV file, which can then be imported into Excel

A key number of built in reports are available. The reports can be printed (if you have a local printer connected) or exported to a CSV file

This provides a snapshot of your recent legacy performance using key performance indicators