Clear Cross is an efficient and easy-to-use revenue recovery system built to help transport operators with the job of tracking and prosecuting fare evaders.

Originally developed in partnership with Manchester Metrolink, Cross can save transport operators vital time, trouble and money by streamlining its methods of tracking and prosecuting fare evaders.

As well as recording all standard fares issued, the Cross system manages the whole process of securing fare payment by automating standard letters, appeals, payments and prosecutions.

The system is also a vital tool in gathering intelligence for future resource planning and in staff evaluations.

OfficeCross is the backbone of the fare recovery system. All offenders, along with a complete history of all their offences, are centrally stored in a Microsoft SQL database and accessed via a purpose-built application installed on each user’s PC. A wide range of intelligence and analysis reports are built into OfficeCross to provide valuable management information.

PocketCross is the handheld version of Cross designed to work alongside the OfficeCross system. Inspectors can use PocketCross to check for previous offences and validate addresses real-time when dealing with a possible offender. They can record the penalty fares directly onto their device and these are then transferred automatically back to the OfficeCross system, ensuring that central records are always up to date.

Clear are currently in the process of updating the entire Cross fare recovery system due to be released by the end of 2018.

The new system includes:

  • Rewriting the OfficeCross application from the ground up. The new version will be called OfficeCross 4.
  • Creating a new android version of PocketCross.
  • Updating the existing Windows Mobile version of PocketCross.
  • Rewriting the web services (these are called by PocketCross to transfer real-time data into OfficeCross and vice-versa)

At a glance

Substantially increases revenues

Reduced passenger processing time

Improved effectiveness of name and address checking

Increased staff productivity

Reduced customer services workload

Records all offenders details

Validates addresses – using address checking software

Records all penalty fares issued

Tracks full life cycle of penalty fare

Automatic standard letters

Automatic “First” and “Second” letters to chase payment

Automatic prosecution reports

Intelligence and analysis reports providing information

Ability to record standard and excess fares

Checks for previous offenders and offences in real-time linking to OfficeCross

Validates addresses – using address checking software

Records waybill information

Penalty fares are automatically transferred into the OfficeCross database in real-time

Automatic system and maintenance updates triggered from OfficeCross

All data stored in encrypted databases

All data transferred in an encrypted format

Application requires username and password to login

Event and travel ticket printing