Clear were approached by an energy broker to design and develop a bespoke application to help them manage their existing customer accounts as well as winning new contracts.

The broker offers their customers a “one stop shop” approach to utility management. Their ethos is to minimise costs and optimise service delivery by managing the utilities while their customers manage their own core business.

After a period of consultations and visits, we were asked to write a bespoke application covering two main functions. First, a contract recording system where prospective customer details are entered, including site details and predicted future costs. Secondly, a system for managing live accounts, allowing the broker to record energy usage and analyse consumption patterns.

The resulting application was deemed a great success. It has recently been updated with extra functionality, allowing them to offer customers additional services, such as automated bill validation routines and integration with a newly developed website where they can view their own usage data.

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Meter readings

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