Clear Cross is an efficient and easy-to-use revenue recovery system, built to help transport operators with the job of processing offences and prosecuting fare evaders.

Developed in partnership with the industry, Clear Cross saves transport operators vital time, trouble and money by streamlining its methods of recording and prosecuting fare evaders. As well as recording all standard fares issued, Clear Cross manages the whole process of securing fare payment by automating standard letters, appeals, payments and prosecutions. The system is also a vital tool in gathering intelligence for future resource planning and in staff evaluations.

Whether your priority is customer service or revenue generation, Clear Cross is an efficient and easy-to-use revenue recovery system designed to meet the needs of public transport operators worldwide.

Clear Cross consists of two separate applications, PocketCross and OfficeCross that have been designed to work cohesively together.

PocketCross is the handheld, Android based application designed to work alongside the OfficeCross system. Inspectors can use PocketCross to check for previous offences and validate addresses in real-time when dealing with a possible offender. Penalty fares are recorded directly into PocketCross which are then automatically transferred back to the OfficeCross system ensuring that central records are always up to date.

OfficeCross is the backbone of the fare recovery system. All offenders, along with a complete history of all their offences, are centrally stored in a Microsoft SQL database and accessed via a purpose-built desktop application. A wide range of intelligence and analysis reports as well as report driven dashboards are built into OfficeCross to provide valuable management information.

  • Record offenders’ details and all offences

    Records relevant personal data of the offender along with details of the offence.

  • Validate addresses

    PocketCross can integrate with a number of different online PAF systems to help verify address details provided by offenders.

  • Real-time transfers with OfficeCross

    Data from PocketCross is automatically transferred in real-time to the OfficeCross system to ensure data integrity between the two systems. The same links can be used to check for previous offenders and offences from within PocketCross, searching through the entire office based database.

  • Automatic updates

    Automatic maintenance updates are triggered and controlled from within OfficeCross.

  • Secure

    All data is secured and transferred in an encrypted format. The application also requires a username and password for access.

  • Event and travel ticket printing

    PocketCross can additionally create and print tickets for travel and special events, ideal if station ticket machines are especially under strain.

  • Paid on the spots

    If the inspectors have the ability to take payments then PocketCross can be used to record this information as a paid on the spot offence.

  • Record all offenders’ details and all offences

    OfficeCross can be used to manually record details of offenders and offences.

  • Validate addresses

    OfficeCross can integrate with a number of different online PAF systems to help with address validation.

  • Tracks full life cycle of penalty fare

    This includes payments received, instalments, appeals, reviews and full contact history.

  • Reports

    OfficeCross offers an extensive set of built-in financial, intelligence and management reports. OfficeCross’ built-in grid report functionality allows users to create their own reports.

  • Comprehensive contact history

    A complete contact history is maintained for each offence, which can be updated each time a new communication is sent or received.

  • Unlimited customisable standard letters and emails

    OfficeCross includes the ability to create and use standard letter and email templates, which can be tailored to suit any circumstances to ensure that communications are ‘in brand’ and have the correct tone. Digital signatures can be stored in OfficeCross and used within the letter templates. Cover sheet templates can be used as a means of providing information stored against a person. This is particularly useful when proving information requested as a result of a Subject Access Request.

  • Action Process Wizard

    The Action Process Wizard helps users to run configurable actions against batches of offences based on stored criteria, such as automatic letters or prosecution runs.

  • Local byelaws incorporation

    The system can be customised to incorporate local byelaws if required.

  • Microsoft Office Integration

    OfficeCross seamlessly interacts with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook for both the standard letter and email functionality.

  • Browsers

    A number of built-in browsers allow users to view and interrogate various types of revenue recovery administration data. Browser summary functionality enables users to group, total and pivot the data shown in the browser in a quick and easy way.

  • Reviews

    Reviews are useful reminders and help users keep track on various tasks.

  • Scanning

    Scanned documents are easily saved within OfficeCross via the built-in Scan Document Wizard which has built-in duplex support and further configuration.

  • Data Anonymisation

    OfficeCross can anonymise customers and related offences that are older than a user specified period.

  • Increased revenue

    By hitting targets, increasing the likelihood of fines being paid and reducing passenger processing time, income streams can be increased. Additionally, automatic standard letters and emails can help to further increase the likelihood of successful settlement of penalty fares.

  • Improved efficiency of name and address checking

    When integrated with an online PAF system, Cross is able to validate the offenders address ensuring that the inspector has the best possible chance of receiving accurate information. This also increases staff productivity as passenger processing time can be greatly reduced.

  • Real-time OfficeCross and PocketCross links

    PocketCross links to the OfficeCross database and checks for previous offenders and offences in real-time. Additionally, offences and waybill information are automatically transferred back to the OfficeCross database in real-time too.

  • Data analysis

    The many built in customisable reports and browsers can be used as tools to provide in depth data analysis in order to spot trends and identify ways to improve fare recovery.

  • Reduce customer services workload

    By automating various processes including letter creation and action processes to chase fines, prosecution reports and payment recording, staff are left with more time to perform additional tasks.

At a glance

Comprehensive information recorded

Various levels of appeals

Can record up to two addresses

Parent details required based on age of offender

User-configurable dashboards

Report based customisable tiles

Comprehensive information recorded

Full transaction history stored

Comprehensive contact history

Installment payments easy to set-up

Reports and browsers to show status of all reviews

Ability to highlight critical reviews

Quick open

Recently used

Setting default categories in browsers and reports

Adding favourites to the Home screen

Many built in browsers allowing users to interrogate and analyse data

Over 30 built in reports and browsers

An Overview section provides top level information relating to an offence

Info Headers to quickly draw your attention to important information

Timeline – tabular representation of the progress of the administration of an offence

Waybill function built in

Waybill browser and reports included

Action process wizard

Automated letter creation

Automated e-mail sending

Letter template wizard

Merge offenders

For more information on Clear Cross, please see the documents in the resources section.

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