Clear Logistics offers an intuitive, easy to use method of managing large vehicle depots, ensuring the whereabouts of every vehicle is known at all times.

Keeping track of the status of all your vehicles whilst in the depot can be hard work, especially if this information needs to be accessible to employees based in different physical locations within the company.

Clear Logistics is a graphical based application for managing the status and location of vehicles within their depots. The exact location and status of each vehicle is displayed in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

The user sees an electronic visualisation of their depot (or depots) containing track, points and berths. Each individual item can be assigned statuses and have comments recorded against them, especially useful to let staff know of known issues or faults.

The user can then simply drag and drop vehicles, from a pre-defined list, into any available berth in that depot. Once this is done, they can allocate a status to each vehicle and enter any comments. Finally, they can assign a Set Number to each vehicle, if known, to represent the set the vehicle will be used on when it leaves the depot.

A full audit trail is recorded detailing all actions that occur.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system

    A list of all of your vehicles is stored within the system and authorised users can then “drag and drop” vehicles into any available berth in the depot. Vehicles can also have statuses assigned to them and comments added, and it is additionally possible to assign vehicles to sets for when they leave the depot.

  • Depot diagrams designed to any specification

    Each electronic depot diagram is designed to match your own depots layout.
    Each depot is made up of tracks, points and berths. The points and berths can be assigned statuses through the system and each status can be assigned a unique colour to make it easily identifiable on the screen. Additionally, if you have more than one depot, multiple screens can be used to view all depots at the same time.
    Customisable features include drag & drop vehicles, customise background and front colours of statuses, ability to couple vehicles and allocate and launch vehicles to sets.

  • Drag and drop vehicles

    Moving vehicles into berths or into sets is as easy as drag and drop.

  • Auto refresh

    Depot diagrams auto-refresh periodically to ensure the visual representation is kept up to date. Especially useful on a multi-user system with users in multiple locations.

  • Multi-user

    The system is fully multi-user, with each user allocated a preconfigured security level designating what they are able to both see and do within the system.

  • Rolling comments

    All comments recorded against any of the items within a depot are constantly displayed and scrolled on the screen.

  • Audit log of all depot changes

    A full audit log is accessible and used to record all depot and vehicle changes.

  • Depot and set list window space maximised using expanding/collapsing lists

    To ensure the full depot can be visualised on the screen you are using, the system has been developed with expanding and then collapsing lists to try and free-up screen space when its not needed.

  • Customisable background and font colours for each status

    Each status is assigned colours to allow them to standout and be easy to recognise.

  • Depot zoom feature

    The depot screen has the facility to zoom in to specific areas if required.

  • Allocate and launch vehicles to sets

    Vehicles can be allocated sets whilst in the depot and then launched to the set when they leave the depot, enabling easy tracking of where each vehicle is meant to be if not in the depot.

  • Ability to couple vehicles

    Two vehicles can be coupled together and visualised as such within the system.

  • Runs across your network

    The system runs through your local network so can be run on any networked PC.

  • Data securely stored in your Microsoft SQL Server

    All of the data is securely stored in your Microsoft SQL server.

  • Accessible by employees in different locations

    As a networked application with a central database, all users can access and see the same information.

  • Real time updates of vehicle locations and status

    If a user moves a tram within the system or changes a status then this change is then shown to all users automatically.

  • Clearly see location of all vehicles within the depot and their status

    The system has been designed to allow users to clearly see the location of vehicles and their statuses. A search facility has also been included, especially useful if multiple depots are in use.

  • Easy to keep track of all depot changes with the audit log system

    A full audit is included to not only track all changes but to record who did them and when.

For more information on Clear Logistics, please see the documents in the resources section.

At a glance

Drag & drop vehicles

Auto refresh


Rolling comments

Customise background an front colours of statuses

Depot zoom feature

Berth/Unberth vehicles on the Depot

Full list of sets are stored

Vehicles can be allocated to sets

Vehicles then launched to a set when they leave the depot

Two seperate vehicles can be recorded as coupled together

Full audit log is recorded

Includes all depot and vehicle changes including who and when

Users are required to login with their own username and password

Users are assigned security levels depending on the level of access they require.

Data is securely stored in your Microsoft SQL database

Runs across your Microsoft based network

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